Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Supper

Well it looks like we all made it through the apocalypse, though it gave us an excuse to celebrate last night complete with dirt cakes and gummi worms.  You may be wondering if Mr. & Mrs. Robin got left out of the festivities.

In fact they had quite the celebration themselves, before having to endure some impressive thunderstorms last night.  While picking up ingredients for our own supper, we made a stop at a 24x7 live bait vending machine.  I kid you not, the town we live in features a coin operated bait machine, should you need night crawlers, red worms, leeches, or various other types of bait.  We opted for a dozen live nightcrawlers, which are what we commonly think of as worms.

The worms come refrigerated and are pretty docile in their Styrofoam container, but get pretty feisty when you pick them up.  We spread the dozen worms out in various parts of the yard that Mr.  & Mrs. Robin frequent to give them ample opportunity for a tasty worm snack.  While we did not actually watch to see if the worms got eaten, there was a lot of melodic chirping from our Robin duo, so we think they were sending their appreciation.

The worms in the container:

Mmm, worms:

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