Friday, May 13, 2011


Like clockwork, Mrs. Robin popped out egg #2 around noon today. This means that our clutch is now 50% complete!

As you may recall from our previous posts, a mother robin will typically wait until she's laid all of her eggs before she begins sitting on the eggs. (This way, all of the eggs will hatch at roughly the same time.) We found this to be true of Mrs. Robin when she was laying her first clutch of eggs back in April -- she visited the nest and laid a new egg around noon each day, but otherwise, she generally didn't spend much time in the nest. However, Mrs. Robin seems to have turned into quite the homebody lately. We've spotted her sitting in the nest several times this afternoon and evening. It appears that Mrs. Robin has turned over a new leaf and is ready to devote herself to being a mother. We're so proud of our little robin!
If you’ve been following the Robin Diaries for awhile, you probably already know the drill. But in case you need a refresher, here's a quick rundown of what to expect over the next couple weeks: Mrs. Robin should continue to lay one egg each day until she has a full clutch, consisting of four eggs. She won’t officially begin the incubation process until her clutch is complete. This means that Mrs. Robin still has a couple more days to live it up, hang out with her friends, and enjoy her last few hours of being foot-loose and fancy-free. Once her clutch is complete, Mrs. Robin will begin the incubation process, which will last for approximately 12-14 days. And then, with a little luck, we’ll have a nest full of baby robins!

Time Lapse from 5.13 (It was a very windy day today):

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