Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome KCCI Fans

After seeing a sudden spike in traffic we found the article posted on the KCCI website: http://www.kcci.com/entertainment/27676151/detail.html

We wish to welcome everyone visiting our blog and watching the live feed. Our Robin seems to have taken an extended leave of absence from the nest, and we are all hoping that she is seen back in the nest soon. Mrs. Robin spent all morning sheltering the eggs from the ongoing rain, so we are a bit worried to see her absent this afternoon.

A bit more background - we have been fortunate enough to host a family of robins for about 5 years running, and we have had gotten a lot of enjoyment watching the birds hatch and grow up. After the huge success of the Decorah eagle camera, we decided that this would be something fun to share and it grew from there. Hopefully this is something that we will have the opportunity to share throughout the summer, as robins can lay eggs several times in a season typically until the month of July.

The webcam was setup before the nest was finished being built specifically so that we would not disturb the birds once the eggs were laid and incubation had begun.  The camera allows us to check in on the nest with out having to approach it or disturb the mother. 

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