Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Empty(ing) Nest

We had a bit of a surprise this morning, Carrie was leaving the house for an early morning run around 5am and found one of the baby robins hopping around the driveway. After a quick debate she decided to get me up so I could witness our first baby leave the nest, for which I was very thankful for. I got a short video clip of the baby robin, we think it is Baskin Robin, on the driveway getting fed by Mr. Robin and hopping around a bit.

Currently Robin Banks and Robin Scherbatsky are looking very close to leaving the nest, standing up on the edge of the nest and flapping their wings around. Esther looks very content to spend another day in the nest. We can hear Mrs. Robin encouraging them to hop down from the nest and she seems to be making a lot of trips to the nest and then leaving right away as if to say 'follow me'. It should be an exciting day, though it may be hard to get a lot of other work done.

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